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Pacific WisePayment
An ordinary postage charges will be applied for All outstation order (Except KL, Klang).

Kindly Contact us to obtain the exact postage fees incurred on your order before direct payment has been made throught our website.
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Customer should insert the Customer's name & Order Name in the relevant remittance slip and email to [email protected] / Whatsapp: 012-396 6919

For who don't have PayPal account and use Credit Card,

1. Click [Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card.]
2. Key in details.
3. Choose [No, I don't want an account now] and confirm T&C.
4. Click [Pay Now]

For who have PayPal account and transfer with an email address,

1. Click the here link
2. Enter the recipient's email address : [ [email protected] ]
3. Enter the amount and send your payment more securely
4. Track your account activity in a single location

To Read More >> https://www.paypal.com/my/webapps/mpp/send-payments-online

FAQ : Why have I been charged with an extra USD 1 for my purchase ?

The 1 USD charge is a temporary authorization by PayPal. To verify that the buyer's credit card or debit card is in good standing, a temporary USD 1.00 charge might appear in the buyer's transaction history. The charge appears as 'pending' and is automatically removed after the full amount of the purchase is processed. It may take a few minutes or up to 30 days, depending on the card issuer, for the transaction to be removed and the USD 1.00 to be released to the buyer's card. If the authorization charge remains on the buyer's card after 30 days, we suggest the buyer contact the card issuer.

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Walk-In Purchase

We offer FREE delivery to areas within Klang Valley.

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