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    1. What are the requirements to be a supplier on Pacific Wise? And what documents are required for registration?

    Any company registered in Suruhanjaya Syarikat (SSM) in Malaysia that has products suitable for office use is eligible to become a supplier on Pacific Wise. Supplier must first fill up the Registration form together with standard Statutory Documents: form 9, Form 24, and Form 49 (for private limited companies) or Borang D and Borang A (for sole-proprietor).

    2. How long does the review process takes before my registration is approved?

    The approval process usually takes 2-3 working days. After your registration is approved, our team will contact you and notify you of the product images and product details that you are prepare to upload.

    3. How can I list my products on the system?

    Our team will pass supplier the Product Upload Template after the registration is aprroved. Supplier must first fill up a product upload template (Excel format) and save all image in a folder, and send it to our team when complete. The product upload process usually takes 3-10 working days, but it depends on the number of product and completion of the information provided.

    4. Will the product images uploaded to the website exactly the same as the images I provided?

    No. We will standardize and refine the image before upload to website. If the image is unclear, we may also change it to clearer image.

    5. Will Pacific Wise publish all the products of your list to the website?

    No. If there are duplicate products from existing supplier (same brand, same product), Pacific Wise will only release it once. However, Pacific Wise will consider to replace existing supplier if you have better services or lower prices.

    6. Are there any listing fees?

    No. Pacific Wise marketplace does not require any listing fees.

    **Write to us if you have any question: